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Filtering Cheatsheet (Using advanced filtering shortcodes)
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Below is a summarised list, but more information can be found here:

*wildcard (case sensitive)`*BAGS*` would list all items with "BAGS" in the filter field (i.e. description) but not "bags"
@case insensitive`@*BAGS*` would list all items with "BAGS", "bags", "BaGs" etc. in the field


`*MOLE*|*POLL*` would show any items with "MOLE" or "POLL" in the field
< or >less than or greater than'> 50' means any item with value greater than 50 - for example, 'Balance Due'
.. (two dots)betweenused between two dates will make the dates a range.
i.e. `01/01/2023..15/01/2023` would show results that have a date in the field inclusive of those dates
TtodayToday's date

working date

The current "working date" set in the system (if not today)
C{D,W,M,Y}closing date of {day, week, month, year}Gets the closing date of the specified period
i.e. CM would be 30/11/2023 if today's date is in November 2023
P{number}accounting periodP1, P2, P3, P4 will get the date range for the specified accounting period
D{number}the next day {number}`D10` would be the NEXT 10th day of the month
-D{number}the last day {number`-D10` would be the LAST 10th day of the month
{+,-}{number}{D,W,M,Y}adds or subtracts a number of days, weeks, months, years`+30D` adds 30 days to the current date
`-14D` subtracts 14 days to the current date
More Date Examples
CM-D1combines closing month and last day 1start of current month
CM+3Mcombines closing month and adds 3 months

3 months from now, end of that month

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